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Talleres Car sl is a company with over 30 years of experience. It was created in 1967 to satisfy the needs of a market that demanded filing of tooling for machinery belonging to nearby companies.

Currently, Car offers advanced industrial services related to grinding, complemented by filing and chroming works. We can ensure that our services are of high quality and are backed up by our extensive number of clients and their great deal of fidelity.
Car takes risks and offers its clients a commitment to total and professional service supported by personalized treatment. You, as a client, will be able to see that Car will always be there to serve you the best way possible.

Car apuesta y ofrece un compromiso con sus clientes de servicio total y profesional apoyado en un trato personalizado que usted como cliente puede comprobar, estamos para atenderle siempre mejor.
Presently, we are working on getting the ISO 9000 certification. This will guarantee, to a greater extent, the improvement of the relationship with our clients and suppliers. We will also be able to define more efficiently our internal processes and procedures.
In addition to this, we have made a big effort when it comes to investing in new machinery; it will allow the company to give even better delivery times as well as a wider range of grinding solutions.
Finally, taking advantage of the company’s and its workers’ new impulse, we have created a new corporate image. We want to use this corporate image as a starting point to strengthen our commitment and leadership strategy in the field of filing and grinding services.
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2000 – Strengthen new markets
Thanks to our clients’ fidelity, Talleres Car sl has made a name for itself in the grinding services market for leading industrial sectors such as, the energy sector, the special machinery industry, and eolic industry.
1997 – Latest Expansion
Thanks to the confidence and specialization of our grinding and filing services, a new expansion was approved. We purchased new machinery that would allow us to offer grinding for bigger pieces, as well as more improved finishes. These investments in machinery were made in countries such as Japan and Russia.
1980 - Expanded services and machinery
Having received great reception from our clients, Car considered incrementing its range of services. From this date on, grinding services would be part of the company’s activities.
In addition to this, important investments in new machinery with the most advanced technology were made.
1974 – New Location
An expansion of the original location was made. Shortly after, it was not sufficient, and the decision of purchasing land for constructing an industrial warehouse was made. If necessary, future expansions of this warehouse could also be made. It is here where the initial 600 m2 building was built.
1967 – Creating the business
The business originated in 1967, thanks to Mr. Santiago Ruiz de Larrinaga Alustiza, a connoisseur of the filing and grinding techniques. He designed a machine that allowed him to start activity, because back then, this type of filing workshops were non-existent.
In the beginning, three workers started the activity in a very small basement located in Andoain, a small village in the province of Guipúzcoa. Soon after, due to the success of the business, the basement became insufficient and the decision of expanding was made.
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