> Sectors
Talleres Car sl offers its grinding and filing services to the Industrial Sector as a whole.Due to the large variety of machinery and the wide range of possibilities we have, we can offer you specialized solutions for the following fields:
  • Machinery and Engineering Goods Manufacturing Industry
  • Energy and Renewables Industry
  • Aeronautics Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Industry
> Market

Along with a few projects at a national level and in the nearby French regions, we primarily have the capacity to serve the Basque and Navarre markets.Please do not hesitate to contact us if you happen to have specific needs; our commercial department will gladly give you advice.

> Grinding

In order to offer you our grinding services, we have 9 machines with the most advanced technology. They have been brought from countries such as Spain, Russia, and Japan. This past year alone, we have invested in 3 new machines. The main reason for these investments is to be able to offer the most accurate grinding services for the most demanding markets.


Types of Grindings:

External and Internal Vertical Grinding
Tangential or Straight/Flat Grinding

Type Maximum Minimum
Vertical Grinding  
Inside Diameter x Length 1500x1000 mm 8 mm (Diameter)
Outside Diameter x Length 2000x1000 mm 5x20 mm
  1000x4500 mm
Tangential Grinding  
Length x Length 2500x1000 mm  


Rugosity Control:

Comprised between 0,6 and 0,2 micron.

Detection of magnetic particles:
We have the means and control devices to identify magnetic particles.

> Filing

When it comes to filing, we stand out for offering door-to-door service; collecting, filing, and returning the product (disc) that needs to be filed back to the client’s premises:


Filing of According to
Steel diameter
Widia number of teeth


This service is particularly used in the wood and aluminium carpentry industries. However, we do not decline other possible applications, therefore, we suggest you consult our commercial department for further assistance.

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